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About Renewal of Permanent Resident Card

Permanent Residents of Canada require a valid Permanent Resident Card (PR Card) to enter Canada without a visa. Permanent residents are generally issued a PR Card valid for 5 years.

To renew the PR Card, applicants must make an application to renew their PR Card and must demonstrate that they have met their residency obligation.

Applicants who fail to maintain their Permanent Residency status because they have failed to comply with their residency obligations, or serious criminality, misrepresentation, etc. are not eligible to renew their PR Cards.

Permanent Residents who need to renew their PR Cards must reside in Canada for a minimum of 2 years within the 5 years before the date of the application. As part of the conditions to maintain their Permanent Residency status, Permanent Residents must reside in Canada for a minimum of 2 years during any 5 years period after they become Permanent Residents in Canada. In some cases, the number of days spent outside Canada can be counted towards the minimum days of in-Canada presence.

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