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About In-Canada Refugee Program

Refugee Protection may be an excellent option for individuals who have well-founded fear of persecution if they return to their country of citizenship or country of legal permanent residence.

Refugee Protection applications / cases are examined by the Refugee Protection Division (RPD), a subdivision of the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Refugee claimants are generally required to appear before an IRB member to have their claim heard. In some cases, claimant may be exempt from a refugee hearing, depending on their country of nationality, type of risk they are facing, etc.

Successful refugee claims will generally allow the refugee to apply to become a Permanent Resident of Canada.

Failed refugee claimants may have the option to appeal the negative decision on their claim by filing an appeal to the Refugee Appeal Division.

Our team of qualified Immigration Consultants possess a long experience in handling refugee claims inside Canada.

Contact us today to find out if you qualify to apply for refugee protection inside Canada.


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